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      Company Culture

       The core of the brand positioning:
      Ji ao sports focus on high-quality goods movement wood floor, make every project is a model project, to provide customers with the most convenient, fast, high quality service.
      Ji ao sports enterprise mission: to become the world's most cutting-edge technology, comprehensive strength strongest sports wood suppliers.
      Ji ao sports enterprise tenet: in the areas of global sports wood floor to become professional, high quality, comprehensive multinational company.
      Ji ao sports enterprise concept: professional contribution, to be a good product.
      Ji ao sports quality concept: the quality of the products user security relationship, relationship between product quality enterprise life.
      Ji ao sports enterprise spirit: integrity, professional, team, innovation.
      Ji ao sports business philosophy: honesty, quality first, service first, win-win cooperation
      +86 0431-80889111 / 82691999
      +86 13359666444
      Ji Ao Sports Wood Floor, Mishazi Industrial Concentration Zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China
      +86 0431-80889111